VR Project Gallery

Collectively, ARworks and Visualise have produced innovative Mobile App solutions, and both Vr and 360 video content for most of the world's leading brands.Below is a small selection of some of those case studies. please visit: http://visualise.com/work

Visualise helped Thomas Cook revitalise their in-store customer experience with, ‘Try Before You Fly’ in a series of cutting edge virtual reality holiday experiences.


Virtual reality gives music fans chance to be onstage with Kasabian Using cutting-edge 360 video and audio technology, members of the public are being given the oppourtunity to experience the best seats in the house at a Kasabian gig. The new project is a collaboration between Visualise, O2, Columbia Records Sony Music UK. Virtual reality specialists Visualise partnered with O2 and Columbia Records to film the band at one of their December shows at O2 Academy Brixton. Three viewpoints were captured, giving fans the chance to ‘be’ on stage with the band as well as experience the gig from the press pit and amongst the crowd. The result is an award winning immersive 360 degree audio and video experience, getting fans closer to the band than ever before. The online application has been built in HTLM5, allowing users to experience the content on their browser, mobile device or tablet. The gig will also be available to Samsung Gear VR headset owners. To watch the gig, visit: www.kasabian.co.uk

Creating the World’s First Virtual Tourism Experience

Visualise and The View from The Shard have developed a ground breaking Virtual Reality experience like nothing seen before. Using the brand new Samsung GearVR headset VISUALISE developed an application that allows users to see the highest view in Europe from the highest point of the iconic Shard building. The experience was first deployed at the World Travel Market on DK2 but will go on a world-wide roadshow throughout 2015. Users will be able to view a time-lapse video of London – 24hrs sped up to 2min, they will see the clouds fly past them, hear the wind from 308m in the air and watch the sun set and then rise again. They will also be able to access a ‘future view’ of the London Skyline, look at some of the skyscrapers that are in production now or will be in the next decade. Looking at them pulls up their information.

Visualise are capturing a number of action scenarios for the British Army, enabling them to show the thrill and excitement of serving in the forces from a first person POV. The first piece of footage is from a Challenger II tank, the user is next to the commander on the machine gun turret. You can watch the next door tank fire it’s cannon and machine gun while the tanks keep pace with each other over the Sailsbury Plains. The experience is delivered as a custom VR app for Samsung Gear VR headsets and will be added to with more action scenes over the coming months.