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Never let Doctors play God


This is a brief one. But perhaps one of the most important posts on the blog so far. Yesterday was my final post-transplant clinic before moving to Sweden to be with my family. I want to share 4 things the Doctor said to me during our 10 minute conversation (note the bold):

"Your immune system will never be the same again"

"You will always be more susceptible now to viruses and infections"

(Upon questioning her about supplement support) "No, there is nothing really that can help boost your immune system"  (WTF???)

(And the show stopper)

"The Myeloma (my cancer) will come back, it's just a case of when"

Needless to say, you can imagine my anger, and complete and utter disbelief at what I was hearing. Remember I am 4 weeks post transplant, and so naturally in a huge window of hope right now. For many, thankfully not me, this type of news would be a deeply crushing blow.

Given that was my last clinic and I'd never have to see this Doctor again, coupled with the fact that I have been able to cultivate a powerful sense of self-belief that allowed me to immediately repel such atrocious disinformation, I decided to just smile awkwardly and keep a lid on my ire.

So why am I telling you this:

1) I want to both remind and encourage you to never, EVER allow a Doctor to talk you in such absolute and definitive terms when providing a prognosis. Because...

2) ...your body; the human body is the greatest miracle in the Universe, and is both designed and capable of unfathomable self-healing when given the proper love, help and support. When it comes to us and our bodies, the only definitive fact is our ability to defy the odds.

We have everything we need - some of us just might not know it yet - to take dominion over the health and healing of our bodies. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the power of the mind-body connection; the truth behind nutrition's role in healing and disease prevention, and the undeniable efficacy of the so-called 'alternative' healing methodologies and protocols.

The change is coming. And coming fast.

Please don't take this as conventional medicine bashing. When it comes to emergency/trauma response, certain specialities (orthopaedics for example) and disease diagnosis, it's extraordinary what can be achieved today. But when it comes to the prognosis, our future,  never forget that Doctors, drugs and procedures don't heal. The healing comes from us. And the more we understand this, and use the ever-growing, research proven list of alternative resources available to us now,  the greater control we'll take back over our own healing and wellness.

Peace & Calm

(Next up: Make Love Not War: why the world should choose to love and heal cancer vs hate and kill it).

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