Don't Look Down

Project #365

The Orchid and natures quiet lesson


About a week into my stay in hospital a friend brought the most beautiful Orchid. Since I could only turn on my left side back then we placed it as closely to the bed as possible. The Orchid

This Orchid became extremely precious to me. It was the first thing I saw when I woke every morning, and I used it almost everyday as a gentle way into prayer and meditation.

You see, against all the entropy of dealing with those first weeks in hospital, this Orchid became my sentinel. Reminding with every glance of the perfection, power and serenity that comes with the stillness, calm and patience of Nature.

For this Orchid (for the all the obvious reasons) couldn't be anything other than what it is. It just is; day in, day out. Holding it’s course. Blossoming towards it’s full majesty with a stillness, calm and patience our own species would do well do adopt. Especially now during these turbulent times on the planet.

Stillness, calm and patience: one of natures quiet lessons, and a mantra that will stay with me for life.