Don't Look Down

Project #365

Song for Agents of Calm, part 1


This post is dedicated to all the wonderful people who have donated their time, love, money or energy to helping me and my family during this challenging time. 8 years ago, quite uncharacteristically, I embarked on a very private spiritual quest. Driven by a sudden, profound curiosity for the alternative, the non-linear and the healing calm of this thing called the ‘Light'. But moved also by a gentle intuition that ‘something’ was changing; particularly what it meant to be alive during these amazing times.

Details of that journey aside (which continues now unabated), in 2011 I became deeply fascinated with the 2012 Mayan prophecy, that predicted some major cosmic shifts on the planet and our consciousness, on or around December 21st, 2102.  Well, clearly we’re all still here, so we avoided any Hollywood dramatics; but I do believe the evolutionary changes at a human, spiritual and societal level are well under way. Just look at the last 2 weeks.  Just look out at the world.

Anyway, back in early 2011 I happened to chance (one in a million shot!)  across a short Youtube video from a lady called Eden Sky. Simple head to camera shot, what started as a talk about 2012 quickly became one of the most timeless and profound things I had ever heard (you’ll hear it soon).  And being a natural born curator, I started  immediately to reassemble and re-edit the highlights of her message over music and video. More for my own sake rather than for any other motive. Every time I played with the project, I learnt more and more.

So after months of sourcing video content and fussing over a music treatment I felt gave it the emotion it deserved, Part 1 of 'Song for Agents of Calm' was done (kinda').  I sheepishly posted the video on youtube and the audio version on Sound Cloud. But still locked behind my old regime of fear of judgement and ridicule I never made any real noise about them.

So why am I outing it today? Because of the synchronicity. Between Eden’s message, and ‘everything' you have all done so spontaneously and unconditionally over the past 2 weeks.  What was once a project about 2012, has evolved seamlessly into a timeless metaphor and message for life. And each and everyone of you are a living embodiment of this message. Even if it’s one line, one note, or one image that moves you, then sharing this today will have been worth it.

My only request is that that you take time to unplug for 10 minutes and listen as deeply and as carefully as you can.


My fondest and deepest wishes to you all.

Christian x

PS Armed with an old copy of iMovie and Ableton (software), please forgive the the lack of professional polish!  If anyone out there wants to help me redo this along with part two, I’d be thrilled to work with a pro! So much more to come.