The Truth About Calm

The hard truth?

I'd lived most of my life with the absence of any inner-calm whatsoever. Even during an extended period of practicing meditation and exploring alternative healing modalities, my default operating system was running on deep inner-turbulence, anxiety and stress. And I was completely unaware. Believing on a conscious level that quite the opposite was true. Those who knew me well, would likely agree, to. 

But then I got sick. Very sick. The stress and inner-turbulence had taken its toll on my immune system, and allowed a rare form of bone marrow cancer to steal in and capsize my life, and the life of my young family. You’ll read the full story soon.

It wasn’t until during all those long and lonely stays in hospitals, and weeks recovering at home in bed, that I finally found a way to be truly still and present with myself. Despite what was happening physically to my body, emotionally and spiritually I came to know what true calm really was, and how true calm really felt. It saved my life. It transformed me as a person and gave me something I had been looking for many years. A sense of Purpose. 

Having survived this volatile battle with cancer, I’ve finally come out of the other side with both a healthy dose of unreasonable ambition, and a strong sense of endeavour towards towards helping people - individuals and groups, privately and professionally - to find and use ‘calm’, as a strategy for cultivating success and happiness in their lives. 

This endeavour isn’t anchored in anything overly mystic or spiritual. In fact quite the opposite. Once I began to know what deep inner-calm really was, and how to access it on demand, I used it to gather a deep understanding of all the things that had contributed to it being so absent from my life, for so long. 

Unsurprisingly they were embedded in fairly basic, every day behaviours and decisions. Behaviours, that with a bit of support and foresight, are easily identified and corrected. 

To be clear, this isn’t an anti-stress mission. Stress is vital to the human condition;  high degrees of performance, and survival. But there’s good, controlled and managed stress, that works optimally on the surface of deep-inner calm. And then there’s bad, destructive stress that eats away, deeper and deeper into out emotional and physiological fabric, it it doesn’t go unchecked. 

The endeavour has just begun. There’s much work to be done. But principally I’ve reduced the sources of turbulence and agitation in our lives down into three areas:

  1. anxiety of our future
  2. turbulence from our past 
  3. the stresses our present

Sounds obvious does’t it? But often the things that are right in front of us, are the the things we most often miss. Imagine for a moment, if you had the time and support to identify and resolve everything in your future, your past, and your present, that is causing you to feel unsettled and anxious? How would your life be different? How much better could you be as a person? To yourself, your friends and family?

I have chosen to cultivate a belief, that True Inner-Calm is the parent of lasting happiness and success. It’s a belief that very literally saved my life. And so I am committed and excited, to be exploring how I can use that experience and understanding, to help others.