Expand Your Depth Of Curiosity

A highly welcome and unexpected benefit of recently completing a course in professional photography, is how much it has improved my sense of curiosity, and sharpened my observation of the interesting. Two attributes that have been central to much of my career, on the front lines of servicing creative businesses. And two attributes that are growing significantly in value, against the pace of today's change and accelerated complexity. 

So much so, that I am now recommending to all my clients (Creative and Planning in particular), that they explore similar courses.

The technical side of photography is relatively binary in nature. But what caught me by surprise, is how intimate and liberating the creative side is. How much it can it broaden your perspective, loosen your acceptance of what's interesting and what's not, and sharpen your ability to notice that one thing; moment, shade or aspect that makes all the difference.  

(Plus, you'll take better pictiures...)