Don't Look Down


#thedailyhustle | #4 Private Narrator

Arguably one of the funniest of The Family Guy cutaways, is Peter prancing down the street to his own theme tune....("sweeeet")

Layer the idea with Daniel Stern's timeless narration during The Wonder Years....

...and empower it all with the magic of AI, and ubiquitous, inside-out surveillance. 

Idea: Your own (PN) Personal Narrator.  Unique, private, loyal and completely dedicated to you. Your virtual voice from the sky, programmed to read, compose, talk and share whatever's required to keep you feeling however you want to feel, whenever you want to feel it. 

Over time, your PN will learn more about who you are and what you need, then you could ever understand about yourself (ubiquitous surveillance from the inside out). Eventually intuiting and anticipating on your behalf. Composing, blocking, feeding, sharing and curating in perfect sync with however and whatever you've asked it to.

(Until that is, you turn it off.)


#dailyhustle is a simple commitment: share one idea with the world every day. Anything. Big, small, moving or ridiculous. It's an exercise in discipline. Gratitude. Creative altruism. And Reciprocation.  If you like one, please steal it. But only if you plan to make, share or develop it. Or at least try. And keep me posted.