Don't Look Down


#thedailyhustle | #3 Tap Out Zones

I've had first hand experience of how a relaxing a well produced, meditative based VR app can be. Contrast this against startling stats from this report on work related stress; e.g "The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days" and at the confluence of both, is a low-hanging, and quite important idea.

Idea in 2 parts:

1) Work with experts in both binaural sound and visualization to create a VR app designed to reduce stress and induce calm.

2) Use empty space in corporate buildings / office / weworks / agencies / coffee shops etc. to set up Tap Out zones. 

In combination, give people the option to tap out of from the rigours and stresses of daily life. Calm down, reduce anxiety and give UK businesses the chance to claw back some of those 11,7 million lost days!


#dailyhustle is a simple commitment: share one idea with the world every day. Anything. Big, small, moving or ridiculous. It's an exercise in discipline. Gratitude. Creative altruism. And Reciprocation.  If you like one, please steal it. But only if you plan to make, share or develop it. Or at least try. And keep me posted.