Don't Look Down


#thedailyhustle | #2 Commuter Networking App

According to the last census (2011) 4.5 million people commute to work using transport up and down the UK. Personally, I spend at least 10 hours every week, in very close proximity to same of group people. The networking and social potential of that situation could, no, should be remarkable.  

Idea: An app that allows people to meet and network privately and discretely during their commute. "This is me, this is what I do, this is what I like, anyone fancy making some shit happen?"



#dailyhustle is a simple commitment: share one idea with the world every day. Anything. Big, small, moving or ridiculous. It's an exercise in discipline. Gratitude. Creative altruism. And Reciprocation.  If you like one, please steal it. But only if you plan to make, share or develop it. Or at least try. And keep me posted.