Don't Look Down


#thedailyhustle | #1 The Friction Agency

8.5.17 | #1 Releasing Friction

The paradox of modern digital complexity: "Let's make everything faster, easier and more convenient. But in the meantime, we'll make everything slower, more difficult and awkward".

Idea: I think a business that trades in common-sense, to help businesses identify and release both old and new points of human friction created in pursuit of digital transformation, is both urgent, and would make millions. Quickly. 


#dailyhustle is a simple commitment: share one idea with the world every day. Anything. Big, small, moving or ridiculous. It's an exercise in discipline. Gratitude. Creative altruism. And Reciprocation.  If you like one, please steal it. But only if you plan to make, share or develop it. Or at least try. And keep me posted.