Don't Look Down


#thedailyhustle | #5 The Bright & Breezy App

Mornings suck. Well for me, anyway. It hasn't always been the case, but after a skirmish with a particularly nasty illness a few years back, bright and breezy is rarely a condition I find myself in when it's time to get up. Know what I mean?

Granted, the quality of my sleep - or lack thereof - is most likely the cause, but nevertheless I believe tech has a role to play in helping the situation.

Idea | At the confluence of AI, biometry, connected devices / IoT and our (well researched) emotional and physical response to music, temperature and scent (olfactory stimulation),  sits an sorely needed App based solution for optimising our daily wake-up's. 

If I could build it, I would. But sadly this one would need some serious collaboration. But even with my limited and humble knowledge, I don't think it would be that hard to build an app that reads user biodata, and over time learns the optimal time to wake them up, with their right combination of music (or sfx), room temperature, and olfactory stimulation (yes, synthesising scent and associated deliver hardware is a separate idea).

I know there's several candidates in the market, but none of them are bespoke, and none of them combine those 3 essential elements. And it takes little effort to map out how many brands could benefit commercially (and emotionally) from owning the solution, to guaranteed bright and breezy mornings (TM).