Don't Look Down


10 Lessons For Success That I'd Teach My Daughter

1. Expect to win, but be grateful for the lesson when you don't
2. Provide more service than you're paid for
3. Ask for help
4. Make ’NO' a daily vitamin, because every NO is closer to a YES
5. Start each day by noting 5 new things you're grateful for, and finish each day with any necessary forgiveness, and thanks for the amazing things that happened. 
6. See everybody and every event as an opportunity to learn and grow, and journal daily about those things
7. Start NOW…whatever it is, start NOW - small steps, compound positivity of small daily actions
8. Live by the OQP rule, and avoid all human toxicity
9. Work on training my mind everyday - read, think, dream, learn, paint, draw, explore
10. Always give before you ask