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AR Bytes | Sept 11

Kicking off another week with some more news from the highly excitable AR community. 

1. Cool Things in AR > LINK

Jacqueline Garavente shares a brilliant dive into some of the cooler things happening the AR space. A really useful peek into how the new AR ecosystem is going to spin off some exciting new verticle commercial opportunities.

2. Escher Reality is building the backend for cross-platform mobile AR > LINK

Borrowed from Jacqueline's article but an important read that deserved pulling out. And, a cool gaming demo that puts their passion where their promise is.

3. Reads this | The Augmented Human > LINK

Dr. Helen Papagiannis's amazing book; a must read for anyone involved in AR. And it's not just main stream mobile AR, as the web site says "ESSENTIAL READING FOR DESIGNERS, DEVELOPERS, ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESS LEADERS, AND ANYONE WHO DESIRES A PEEK AT OUR VIRTUAL FUTURE".

4. Why Apple will win the AR race > LINK

Typically useful read from Forbes. But the quote that matters: "When Apple updates iOS later in 2017, the company could load AR software onto as many as one billion mobile devices that currently run on iOS." This should invariably be hugely exciting for any brands or businesses for whom mobile is core commercial and/or engagement channel.

5. AR b2C showcase > LINK

Repost of my case study roll call of current and past AR apps. Useful video library of various AR experiences to get the ideas flowing.

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