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Over the next 6 months, the AR user-base will grow to beyond 700 million. Developers, brands, start-ups, and both the consumer and enterprise community will play, learn, invest and integrate this incredible technology at an unprecedented rate.

As Tomi Ahonen predicted back in his 2012 Tedex talk, AR is the 8th medium.  A new unbound digital canvass that will facilitate the actualization of human imagination, whilst simultaneously able to connect and propel all other technologies and media.

AR Bytes is a weekly source of news, opinions and suggested case studies from the global AR community. 

1> Apples Human Interface Guidelines for AR > LINK

Readily accessible and brilliantly written 'how to' for anyone interested in AR; not just dev's, UX UI talent. Non-technical and useful on so many levels as dive into AR.

2>What happens when there are no more rectangles? > LINK

Facebook's Charlie Sutton, courtesy of the Mind The Product. Bit more VR focused this one, but includes a lot of savvy for AR as well. 

What’s really exciting about this new screen zero world is that we’re designing for a “media-evoked” reality, where the thing that matters the most is amplifying human agency.
— Charlie Sutton

3 > Augmedics Spinal Surgery > LINK

It's not all baby dragons and furniture apps. Medtech is such a vital space for AR. Take the time time to watch what this Augmedic is doing for Spinal surgeons. 

4 > Augmented Reality Spending Exploding 11X To $36.4B > LINK

I'm the first to wince suspiciously at any forecast detailing tech growth. Map back to forecasts for VR and AR from 2015 and they make awkward reading....

'BUT', given the scale that's just been opened up messrs Apple and Google, and the rampant HMD R&D going on, I think we're all allowed to be a bit more bullish and optimistic. These are the latest numbers out of Greenlight Insight's newest report, courtesy of Forbes.

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