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AR Bytes | Sept 4

Kicking off the week with some useful content and articles from the global AR community

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1. Why is ARkit better than alternatives? > LINK

@MattMiesnieks unleashes a super useful lo-down on ARkit, and how and where it differs, for better or worse, from other AR platforms. Get's a bit technical, but it's worth sticking it out to school up on the language of AR is coming your way.

2. 4 examples of how AR & VR will improve customer Service? > LINK

Scottie Gardonio, courtesy of IOTFORALL examines a few ways in which both AR and VR can tackle declining customer service levels.

3. Types of AR? > LINK

Via, short and useful breakdown of different types of AR. Lot's of scope for confusion, out of everything I've looked at these guys have captured neatly, with useful visual support. I'm drafting a series of posts that will take us deeper into each type (next week).

4. 4 Apps that seem to be doing the circuit > LINK

Rolling Stone throws some editorial support behind these 4 AR apps that seem to be capturing the most attention. Despite Ikea being several years ahead of the curve.

5. Augmented reality: Apple and Google's next battleground > LINK

A typically well researched POV from The Guardian on the impending smartphone battle for AR.

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