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Vespa's AR Benchmark

As if the brand wasn't cool enough already, Vespa have unleashed a spectacularly well polished piece of AR that, quite frankly, sets the bar for excellent, closed loop branded AR content. 

The demo video below should be enough to make the point, but in case you're curious as to why?:

1. Aesthetically and functionally, every part of the experience - app, UX, interactivity, CG content, narrative - is bang on brand point. A comfortable extension of Vespa's product and brand narrative.

2. I love augmented print at the basic level of theme - and this is a fantastic example of the vast opportunity that print media owners generally don't see. Unlocking the revenue that sits behind the AR canvass. And for brands, done well, it's an excellent engagement hack.  

3. It's closed loop and drives commercial performance by encouraging local test drive and purchase enquiry after the experience. I.e: at some point Vespa (or the agency) will be able to prove return on their AR spend. So that's 3 out of 3: 1) Rich, interactive consumer-brand experience 2) Strong band differentiator, and 3) commercial return.

I'm all in.