Sony's Games Guru Races Zuckerberg for Lead in Virtual Reality

(No holding back on the headline, Bloomberg!)

So, building an initial user base from the more than 40 million PlayStation 4 owners, apparently Sony is planning to go far beyond simply games, and into music, sporting events,  medicine and virtual education. Damn straight, these are very exciting months for the VR industry! Bring it on...

“In terms of disruption, this is the most since PS1 and perhaps even greater than that.” Shuhei Yoshida 

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What makes great experience design?

Visualise's own Head Of VR gets into it with the Wired crew. 

‪Subscribe to WIRED►► ‪One consequence of living in a digital era is that design is no longer solely the preserve of the physical realm. Immaterial objects - from apps to interfaces, video games and websites - have become a thriving space for designers to show their creative flair and technical ability.

Watch the full interview above and check out the incredible list of nominees who are working at the forefront of design experience within virtual and augmented realities.


And the scary thing is, this is happening now. Like, right now. 

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