Getting Ready For The 4th Wave


The best time to gain an audience, and unlock new areas of competitive advantage is when technology takes a leap. That is why media, gaming and tech companies are investing billions in AR and VR. The same holds true for brands, but it requires the right focus, people and investment. 

5 minute VR summary from Conran Design

Adam Downes from Conran shares a useful summary of the VR space leading to a neatly worded set of 10 VR commandments.

"The creative opportunities with this technology (VR)  to drive memorable experiences are endless, and great ideas and content are key now for our industry to make an impression on brands’ customers."

The Fascination Economy

The growing, and poignant challenge for brands dealing with attention deficient consumers, is being able to lead them across the fascination threshold, and into that increasingly elusive place where they can engage them enough to stimulate meaningful connection, and ignite the foundations of a relationship.