N57 Interactive is seeking a Swedish based Commercial Partner, to help us grow. That could be in the form of an individual Co-Founder, or a formal strategic alliance or Partnership with an established operation.  

So, why is this interesting?

Here are the highlights of the opportunity:

1. You'll be partnering with over 20 years worth of international digital marketing and interactive communications experience. 

2. You'll get immediate access to over 5 years expertise in planning and producing Mobile Apps, and creative technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and beacons.

3. You'll get immediate access to the expertise and production resources of two of the world's leading specialist agencies:

 - ARworks 

- TKM9

4. You'll get immediate traction with an established AB, with all its commercial systems and communication assets set-up and live.

5. You'll get access to the commercial potential of two 'extremely' powerful, bespoke interactive products, that are excluisve to N57 Interactive across the Nordic region:

 - City Push: A Mobile based locational-based marketing platform for Destination and City based clients.

- Play 9:  The world's most engaging portfolio of children's interactive gaming pods, designed and built for commercial retail and hospitality spaces.

If this is an opportunity you'd like to explore further please send us an email using the form below. If you'd rather speak to someone in person, please call Christian Burne on +467618580845.

We're hungry and want to move fast, so let's talk!

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