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MOBILE // Taking Loyalty Mobile

As obvious at it may seem, it's baffling how few loyalty schemes have successfully migrated onto mobile. Even in the most basic way. And with the light shining ever brighter on the Customer Experience imperative, it's an opportunity that branded, as well as stand-alone programmes should be seizing with both hands.

Here's some very straight forward yet vert important reasons why Loyalty Programs need to make the mobile jump:

1. Improve Customer Engagement: Mobile ubiquity permits significantly greater accuracy - content and timing - of one-to-one member communications. This drives up both earn and redemption rates. 

2. Improve Customer Value Management: Scaling up the quantity and quality of customer usage data (and by extension analytics) through the Mobile channel will permit faster and more accurate efforts in both managing member segments, and moving relevant customers accordingly towards the optimal behavioural quadrant.

3. Strengthen Partner relationships: The inherent benefits of Mobile as a channel is of significant value to reward or retail Partners; packing additional, measurable value into the relationship, as well as encouraging them to operate with greater customer centricity = win win. 

Example: Using data to measure buying patterns and time spent in locations to optimise aisle and product placement 

4. Programme Convenience. From all perspectives, taking loyalty Mobile  - in the 'right way' -  will render it simpler, easier and more rewarding for customers to use. 

5. Extend the value and useably of data: Whether its Customer, loyalty or retail data, in combination with hyper-local interactivity, a Mobile operation opens up a vast amount of additional feedback loops. Driving up understanding and leveraging inflection points across the customer journey.

Obviously there's the inherent danger of death by big data, so emphasis has to remain on what will provide marketing fuel for sustained and profitable customer relationships. Nonetheless, practically every layer of a customers retail DNA can be captured, understood and predicted through Mobility data return.

Tactically, and in combination with proximity tools like Beacon technology, the following provides just a few examples of what can be executed to drive success through Mobile Loyalty.

1. Suggested shopping list and/or promotions based on knowledge of shopping timing habits and basket value behaviour.

2. Store locator and navigations service

3. Product or brand navigation service

4. Personalised welcome messaging in-store

5. Exclusive online shopping service or out of stock inventory ordering.

6. Redemption based Instant Gratification offers (reliant on below)

7. Plastic free operation using in-phone QR or bar code (using Beacons to provide reminders in-store or at POP)

8. Store-proximity invitations and special offer messaging. Long range beacons can reach 450 mtrs.

9. Targeted and hyper-relevant in-app advertisements

10. Social media distribution prompts

11. Post purchase information or tactical messaging

12. Customer value/behavioural structured special in-store offers (mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more than traditional)

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