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A 'remarkably' good idea

DELI Amsterdam as an interactive web site that invites users to take a short personality test to find out which places will meet their preferences in the famous city.

The platform is for tourists and locals who want to go off the beaten track and discover some hidden gems in their locale. 

As a piece of Destination marketing it's remarkable on several levels:

1. It starts with 'me' at the centre of the idea. And as we all know, personalisation is the new black. I already feel closer to the city before I've begun!

2. It provides a versatile and comprehensive showcase of Amsterdam's hidden treasures, not just the highlights. And finding hidden treasures is what our curious human nature is all about. It gives us access to the city on a deeper level. 

3. It's dynamic and fluid, which means it can easily evolve with new venues, places and ideas, which keeps me coming back for more.

4. It look stunning and the UX is spot on. I 'want' to use it, and more importantly, 'share' it

5. It's a very strong representation of one of the coolest cities on Europe, and whether it means to be or not, a Destination asset that should be held in high regard by the Amsterdam power's that be.

Try it for yourself:

You'll be off there in no time!