Our immersive workshop is done onsite and customised to your specific needs. Whether it's AR, VR or both the session will install valuable knowledge about the what, why and how of the technologies; provide hands-on experience with live use-cases, and then builds team competence in planning, shaping and selling AR/VR concepts.

The demos include hands on experience with Hololens, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Marker AR and Markerless AR / AR Kit



Learn and onboard the basics of either AR, VR or both. What it is, how it works and why it is set to become an increasingly familiar part of comms and business.

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We get specific with immersive in your chosen sector or territory. Who's doing what, and what can be learnt. Then getting hands on with the tech itself, with relevant and/or best in class use-cases. 



We then uinlock fresh ideas and opportunities across an idea-sprint. During which we'll develop some AR/VR expressions to either big ideas, an existing territory, or a forthcoming campaign.


  1. TECH | Choose AR or VR version of the session, or a general overview of both.
  2. LENGTH | Sessions typically last 4 - 5 hrs.
  3. KNOWLEDGE | The first part is an interactive onboarding: What the tech is, how it works, the different types, who's using it and why. 
  4. CONCEPTS | The second part is a collaborative idea-sprint over 3 stages: brainstorm, concept relevance mapping and fit-for-purpose filtering.
  5. LOCATION | We like to run the sessions on-site to avoid travel and disruptions for your team, but can look at other venues if required.
  6. NUMBERS | We like to keep sessions to max 10 people (that includes 2 from our side).
  7. YOUR NEEDS | Prior to the session, you can share with us anything specific you would like us to cover. For example, if there is strong interest in Apple's ARkit, then we we can dive deeper into that. Or perhaps you want to dedicate use-cases and learning around a sector, such as automotive. 
  8. YOUR BRIEF | Similarly, prior to session we will ask you to provide us with a client, brief or territory that will form the focus of the idea-sprint. The more specific we can be, the more efficient and actionable the ideas will be. 
  9. PREPARATION | We keep the sessions as interactive as possible and they are curated around what you and your team want to explore. So we'll set some pre-work, suggest apps to download and material to print out prior to the day.
  10. FEES | In terms of costs, we have 2 levels: 1) full session: pre-meet, pre-work, workshop and summary report £1500 ex VAT 2) Lite session: Pre-call and basic obsession £800 ex VAT.