Don't Look Down
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How we work

We’re designed for whatever you need.

These are the ways in which we are typically engaged

- Task - 

After we have a few projects under our belts,  our clients have a solid understanding of how and where we add-value. Both to themselves, and their business. Supported by that confidence and comfort factor, it's typically at this stage we are engaged to handle wider management and planning tasks, that otherwise might be held up, causing unnecessary delays and bottle necks to other parts of the business.

Task engagements usually last from between 1 and 3 days and are quoted on a day rate basis. 

Live Example: I am currently mapping out a member-get-member acquisition journey for the Founder of a new specialist fund-raising site, to help debrief his digital support agency. He can't do this, nor should he have to, and his agency is doesn't have the right level of planning talent. He needs the headache off his plate, but also needs a competent job done.

- Project - 

Project work is usually how I initiate a new relationship , and typically last between one and six weeks depending on the brief. We are very pragmatic during the briefing stage and leverage our expertise and commitment in Clarity, to ensure the architecture and expected outcomes of that project are clearly defined and mutually agreed.

Project engagements usually last from between one and six weeks and are quoted on a project by project basis.

Live Example: Cheq is a new automatous brand Safety ad tech platform. I have been engaged to build a market entry and pipeline strategy in advance of launching 2019.

- Partner - 

Partners engagements are ongoing retained relationships. Whether that's one day a week on-site over the agreed contract period, or an agreed number of days per month that can be used as and when they are needed. Under this agreement we work as an extension to you and your business. Providing support as needed, but also proactive contribution to assist with growth and performance.

 Partner engagements start at a minimum of 3 months, and are quoted on a case by case basis depending on what you and your business need.  

Live Example: I am acting as UK Commercial Director for Visyon, one Europe's leading XR innovation companies. Helping them with ongoing commercial, growth and lead generation support, as well as overseeing the managers of their key emerging markets.