Don't Look Down
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Consultancy Services

Clarify. Accelerate. Grow.

For business owners, founders and entrepreneurs feeling the tension between limited time and resource, and the urgency of growth and success, Don't Look Down combines 25 years of high-level commercial and marketing experience with the contemporary principles of accelerating human performance to provide a uniquely competent, versatile and value-based advisory and consulting portfolio.

Our Service Portfolio


We’ll craft fresher, wider perspectives on the commercial potential of your business or venture. Surfacing opportunities to open up new markets and partnerships, create deeper value propositions and unlock new areas of competitive advantage and revenue.

SALES & marketing

Despite being one of the most important and exciting parts of business, sales can equally be a major source of stress, and a drain on your time resource. Added this, the marketing status quote today, changes in real-time. The cycles of media, product and technology, and shifting consumer trends have never been more complex to successfully navigate. The smaller or earlier stage the business, the more time and resource it demands. By investing in over 20 years worth of sales and marketing planning experience, you can protect that time and focus, while we keep your business visible and relevant, and your pipeline healthy.


Developing, start-up, established or expanding? Whatever the stage of your business, positive growth is your North Star. We specialise in accelerating your growth by adopting a holistic view of your business. Examining internal and external activities that affect the trajectory; implementing the right changes at the right time. 

Human performance

We’ve developed a way to combine the proven principles of commercial, sales and market excellence, with the principles of personal development and human performance in way that grows and improves both your business and your people simultaneously.  It’s a curiously potent and inspiring way to work, and our (and your) source of unfair advantage!


"Those that innovate to be heard, thrive". A famous law of nature, and in today's business climate, an imperative law for survival. By exploring everything that shapes your business category and consumers that feed it, we’ll dig out unmet needs, unresolved problems and new technologies that define future opportunities for your growth.

Talent Network

The most valuable part of a life as a consultant is the breadth and depth of the people and talent we get to meet and work with. Our expanded network is a collection of entrepreneurs, leaders, makers, thinkers and doers. Which allows us to work fast and sharp on your behalf to test, validate and activate opportunities, pulling specialist resource when we need them.