So, here’s what I really do:

I create time for my clients to focus on what they need to focus on

I shorten their time-to-success

I challenge and disrupt their thinking to widen their view of what’s possible

I help focus, inspire and level-up their people

I connect them and their business with the rock star talent

I contribute to their peace of mind, confidence and excitement

There’s a bit more detail below, but if the above sounds interesting to you, then my mobile is 07724521787. Please feel free to give me a call, or send me a Whatsapp, and let’s start rolling.

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For business owners, founders and entrepreneurs feeling the tension between limited time and resource, and the urgency of growth, Don't Look Down is an “unusually capable” consultancy that provides commercial, sales and marketing excellence.

- Main Areas Of Service -

- Commercial -

Armed with a uniquely versatile stack of knowledge and capability, I craft fresher, wider perspectives on the commercial potential of your business. Surfacing opportunities to open new markets and partnerships, create deeper value propositions and unlock fresh areas of competitive advantage. 

- Growth - 

Developing, start-up, established or expanding, wherever stage your business is at, positive growth is your North Star. I specialise in accelerating growth by adopting a holistic view across your business. Examining every internal process and external activity that could be affecting the trajectory; working with you and your team to implement the right changes at the right time. 

- Innovation -

"Those that innovate to be heard, thrive". This is a famous law of nature, and in today's business climate, an imperative law for survival. By provocatively exploring everything that shapes your business category and consumers that feed it,  I'll help dig out the unmet needs and unresolved problems that define future opportunities for product, brand and business growth. 

- Value Networking - 

The most valuable part of a life as a consultant is the breadth and depth of the people and talent we get to meet and work with. My expanded network is a vibrant and celebrated collection of entrepreneurs, leaders, makers, thinkers and doers. Which allows me to work fast and sharp on your behalf to test, validate and activate opportunities, pulling specialist resource when you need them.

- Research & Insights - 

In these time of 'accelerated everything', knowledge has never been more powerful. Having spent several years as a Planner, I've developed a keen eye for research,  and a passion for jumping down rabbit holes in the hunt for killer insights with which to shape business, brand and creative strategy.  

- Engagement Options - 

- Task - 

After we have a few projects under our belts,  my clients have a much better understanding of how and where I can add-value. Both to themselves, and their business. Supported by that confidence and comfort factor, it's typically at this stage I am engaged to handle smaller management and planning tasks, that otherwise might be held up, causing unnecessary delays and bottle necks to other parts of the business.

Task engagements usually last from between 1 and 3 days and are quoted on a day rate basis. 

Live Example: I am currently mapping out a member-get-member acquisition journey for the Founder of a new specialist fund-raising site, to help debrief his digital support agency. He can't do this, nor should he have to, and his agency is doesn't have the right level of planning talent. He needs the headache off his plate, but also needs a competent job done.

He’s sort of like our spirit animal; always there to support with a really unique mix of wisdom, agility and strategic foresight. And he works fast which I love, and need!
— Lee Brett, Brett & Co

- Project - 

Project work is usually how I initiate a new relationship , and typically last between one and six weeks depending on the brief. I am very pragmatic during the briefing stage and leverage my expertise in Clarity to ensure the architecture and expected outcomes of that project are clearly defined and mutually agreed.

Project engagements usually last from between one and six weeks and are quoted on a project by project basis.

Live Example: Cheq is a new automatous brand Safety ad tech platform. I have been engaged to build a market entry and pipeline strategy in advance of launching 2019.

- Partner - 

Partners engagements are ongoing retained relationships. Whether that's one day a week on-site over the agreed contract period, or an agreed number of days per month that can be used as and when they are needed. Under this agreement I work as an extension to you and your business. Providing support as needed, but also proactive contribution to assist with the growth and performance of your business. 

 Partner engagements start at a minimum of 3 months, and are quoted on a case by case basis depending on what you and your business need.  

Live Example: I am acting as UK Commercial Director for Visyon, one Europe's leading XR innovation companies. Helping them with ongoing commercial, growth and lead generation support, as well as acting as their UK go to lead. 

What next?

Let's start talking and see where it goes. I'd be thrilled to hear about your business and how I can help. Please use the form below to send me a quick message. Or call me direct on 07724521787

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