Don't Look Down

Coaching FAQ's




1.  Is this Coaching or Mentoring?

There's a big difference. When we first meet, I will Coach. 

As a coach, my job is to encourage you to have a conversation with yourself. Helping you understand and identify what you need to change or achieve; how you want the our work to positively affect your life, and the appropriate  tools and techniques we'll use to get there.

Following this, I will add an element of Mentoring into the process. This means I will draw on my experience and knowledge to support and teach you along the way, towards achieving what you want to achieve.   

2. How long is eAch session?

Technically 60 minutes, but depending on our schedules they can go longer.  But our ongoing relationship isn't defined to our sessions. During our discovery session we will define the boundaries that we are both comfortable with, and agree how and when we communicate outside of session time. 

I will also give you access to a vast collection of support material that I have collected over the years, and frequently check-in with tips and advice.

3. Where are the sessions held?

I prefer to do them wherever you feel most comfortable, as long as that's practical. If have travel and incur costs then naturally I will expect those to be repaid in kind. 

4. How much is each session?

I don't charge by the session. I'm a big believe in the value of our work together, not just the time.

Once we've had our first call I'll recommend an initial coaching period, program and fee for you to review. 

If you really want to run trial period in order be comfortable and confident with the longer-term program, this would include 3 sessions at a fee of £150 per session.

5. what Type of methods do you use?

Everything is centred and designed around you, and what you need.

But here's a few of the tools and therapies I typically use (remember, we decide what you need based on what you 'need') :

  1. Belief transformation
  2. Inner Value alignment (this is amazing!)
  3. Source / challenge reframing 
  4. Life-Planning / Goal Setting
  5. Progressive Relaxation Therapy
  6. Timeline therapy
  7. Meditation Techniques
  8. Reiki Healing
  9. Hypnotherapy

Note: I am not a trained therapist, psychiatrist or counsellor. These are extremely important, specific professions. If at anytime we feel that you need more focussed, professional support, please rest assured I will immediately make that suggestion and referral.

6. Who is it for, is there an age limit?

Most of my clients are aged between 28 and 50, however I am happy to work with anyone over the age of 18 unless specifically requested by a parent or guardian.

7. Do offer any guarantee of success?

The reason a first call is free is for you to make sure that I am the right person to work with you, and for me to be confident that I will be able to make a difference in your life. It's very unlikely that we won't be successful if that turns out to be the case. In the event that either of us feel a future relationship will not be possible, I will refund 50% of session fee.


If you want to chat to me about any of my work or techniques, then you can email me HERE , or call me on 447724521787. I'd be delighted to hear from you, and hope I get the opportunity to work with you soon.