Coaching & Mentoring

First of all there is a difference. When we first meet, I will Coach. This means I will work with you to help you understand and identify where you need more Calm, how you want that introduction of Calm to positively affect your life, and the appropriate  tools and techniques we'll use to get there.

Following this, I will add an element of Mentoring into the process. This means I will draw on my experience and knowledge to support and teach you along the way, towards achieving what you want to achieve.   


I am not a trained therapist, psychiatrist or counsellor. These are extremely important, specific professions. If at anytime we feel that you need more focussed, professional support, please rest assured I will immediately make that suggestion and referral.

Calming Therapy

The Calm play-book takes many forms, and we will agree as a team what is right for you. 

Contrary to what most people connect to the idea of Calm (meditation, breathing etc..) you might be surprised to learn for example, that the simple process of detailed life planning and goal setting is a HUGE source of Calm to some people. Being lost and directionless in the world today, against so much change and complexity, can cause deep anxiety.  

Here's a few of the tools and therapies I typically use (remember, we decide what you need based on what you 'need') :

  1. Anxiety Relaxation Techniques
  2. Progressive Relaxation Change Therapy
  3. Timeline therapy
  4. Inner Value alignment (this is amazing!)
  5. Source / challenge reframing 
  6. Life-Planning / Goal Setting
  7. Meditation Techniques
  8. Reiki Healing
  9. Hypnotherapy


If you want to chat to me about any of my work or techniques, then you can email me HERE , or call me on 447724521787. I'd be delighted to hear from you, and hope I get the opportunity to work with you soon.