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What if all you had to lose, where all the things that are stopping you from winning?

You have a choice. Make the right one today!


- How can I help? - 

A simple question, but a powerful place to start. And it makes sure that you, and what you need help with, is at the centre of our coaching relationship from day one. It's the first thing I’ll ask, and we don’t go any further until you're  100% clear.


Clarity creates calm, and calm is foundational to your success and transformation. This powerful truth sits at the centre of out work together, built on a simple human insight that it is through a lack of personal clarity about what we want, how we feel or what’s going in and around our lives, that typically triggers the onset of stress and life turbulence.

- What's my coaching approach? - 

My role is to encourage and guide a deep conversation between you and yourself. Uncovering along the way anything that might be contributing to the turbulence you’r facing. That could be limiting beliefs, conditioned patterns of thinking and behaviour, fear of success or failure, or simply areas in which you need to expand your knowledge or experience to assist you. 

Everything is built around you and what you need. You won’t face a superficial checklist or off-the-shelf formula.  We'll get clear, zero-in on the those reasons you're not where you want to be and then agree the appropriate techniques to help get you the right path. 

 - How do we work together? -

Your first consultation is free.  Usually conducted by either Skype or phone, it give us the opportunity to connect, and decide if I'm the right coach for you. 

If you feel confident and comfortable that I am, we'll build a programme based around your specific needs. Typically I like to work with my clients for a minimum of 3 months, and depending on where you live or work, sessions will be via Skype/ phone, or face-to-face. 

Outside of our scheduled coaching sessions, you can also expect:

  • Access to over 15 years worth of life insight and personal development study and material
  • Ongoing recommendations of tools, apps, articles and content that will support your goal
  • Extra specialist support, if necessary, including Reiki, hypnotherapy and mindfulness/meditation sessions


My approach is always client-centric and built around your needs. However these typically fall into one of three areas:


- Professional -

If you're struggling professionally, or need some extra 'you' in the game, let's talk.  We'll get clear, shape what success looks like, and go deep to pull out the insights and install the tools to get you there.


  • Career coaching
  • Performance support
  • Leadership advice
  • Stress management
  • Business coaching 
  • Portfolio career development

- Personal -

Let's be honest, life today can be hard. Change and complexity is at an all time high, and can add an overwhelming layer of stress and anxiety as we do our best to build the life we want. Whatever you're dealing with, we'll quickly get some clarity and calm into the situation, and back on the path to positive transformation:

  • Life  direction and insights
  • Relationship coaching
  • Health and wellness
  • Confidence and self-belief
  •  Positive habit development
  • Financial managemebt
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- Crisis -

Life can be cruel sometimes, and throw us curve balls when we least expect, or need them. Often knocking us of course and setting us back years. It's at times like these that help and support from others can be most valuable. I've been there several times, and whilst hard in the moment, it's from these experiences that I have learned how to help people the most.

  • Personal health challenge
  • Friend or family health challenge
  • Life crisis
  • Financial crisis

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What next?

On conversation can change the course of your life. Make it happen. I'd love to work with you, so to start the journey, please use the box below to set up your free consultation call. Or call me direct on 07724521787

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I'm devoted to helping people get out life turbulence, and fulfil their full potential. It’s been the background of my life for as long as I can remember.

I've been coaching my whole life, before I really even knew what it was. And despite being a trained and certified  Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master,  the real value in my work comes my natural curiosity, intuition and deep empathy for humanness. and life study of people, personal development and transformational wellness. 

Much of this has been shaped and deepened by my own moments  of extreme life trauma and turbulence. When the time is right, and when relevant as support to your coaching goals,  I'll share those with you as we work together.  

I deeply love and cherish what I do, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in working with me. Remember, one really powerful conversation can change your life.  

I’m here to serve you as powerfully as I can. 

Christian has really helped me understand and focus my priorities in my life, not just my career. His experience in coaching has helped change my mindset on the challenges I previously faced. The new approach and tools I now have to enable me to have a much stronger focus and plan to action in achieving my dreams. I highly recommend Christian’s services in coaching. Here’s to new beginnings!
— Christina Gough, Formation Marketing
Working with CB has been the best investment I’ve ever made. He’s empowered me to discover the deepest parts of myself and work through the things I’ve tried to hide from for years. He helped me develop actionable steps and held me accountable to what I said I want. CB is right there with me through the ugly and the scary, gently pushing me forward. If you’re ready to dive deep and create lasting change-you need to work with this guy!
— Greg Sharpe, Consultant
“Christian is an exemplary coach who has helped me grasp life and my career with both hands, taking both to the next level. Although I had a vague feeling that I was unhappy and frustrated, he guided me with skill, patience and kindness to establish my goals and what I really wanted out of life, family and career. Whilst he’s a realist and an excellent sounding-board, I feel like my dreams are within reach; I am extremely grateful and very excited about what life has in store.”
— Lee Brett, Brett & Co