"In the turbulence of the modern world, Calm is increasingly vital to our happiness and success." 




C.A.L.M, a propriety coaching and personal development model designed to cultivate and bring calm into the centre of your life, as your primary operating system for happiness, health and success.

It works on a simple human insight that it is through a lack of personal clarity about what we want, how we feel or what’s going in and around our lives, that typically triggers the onset of stress and inner-turbulence.

It’s only when we take the time to pause and get that clarity, that we can begin to understand how to change, and put in place the behaviour and actions that will harness the transformational benefits of inner-calm.

There are certain coaching and therapy principles that suggest processes like this can be overly directive. If those processes are linear, then I'd agree, which is why C.A.L.M is a circular, self-perpetuating process that will put you back in control of your calm, and your life.

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I use a process for 3 main reasons:

1) It sets a defined coaching journey between us, that triggers positive momentum from day one.

2) It makes sure you progress at the right pace and at the right time. You can’t begin to exercise self-leadership unless you're ready inside and out, just as you can’t begin arranging your life for what you want, until you know what that is.

3) It gives us a real-time framework to evaluate and check-in on your progress at all times. And as the circular model suggests, it’s designed to be a self-perpetuating process, that encourages continued and positive growth.

Here's how it works  

Typically, we'll work across 5 stages*.

These take a short or as long as you need.

And as long as it's practical, I always insist on working wherever you feel most as ease and comfortable.

Yes, even if that means getting on a long haul flight!

*It's not 5 stages or nothing. Once we have run a Discovery meet, some people only engage me for one or two sessions. It's all dependent what you need.


1. Clarity

By some margin the most valuable resource you can gift yourself. For some, Clarity sounds too simple and obvious. But a lack of Clarity is almost always the main source of turbulence and stress in our lives. And so conversely, it's also most important step to bringing calm and composure into our centre, and as a foundation for insight, focus, belief and motivation.

The goal of this section is to get crystal Clear on what you really want to achieve, and why you want it achieve it. Way too often we chase after things in our lives, only to discover we only ever wanted them to avoid something else. Like paracetamols, sometimes our goals are temporary relief from the headache of something deeper, and more desiring of our attention. 


2. Arrangement

This is where we do the deep work to set you to up for success in achieving the changes that Clarity defined. We do this by Arranging you internally and externally.

By internally, I mean working with you on anything that is, or might be limiting you or holding you back.

Depending on what you need, this will take us on a journey with tools such as value-aligment, belief transformation, meditation, hypnotherapy, reiki, nutrition and fitness. 

By externally, I mean working with you to optimise your external environment, and making changes and adjustments to better to serve you as an individual and the things you want to change.




3. Leadership

Now we  start taking action and develop a  powerful self-leadership mindset.

The work we do in Clarity and Arrangement often creates a clear self-leadership model built around you and the best way for you to lead yourself. Most of this will start in your comfort zone, but we’ll work together to take you beyond that. Because that is where epic transformation really happens.

Self-leadership is simply about building a detailed action plan that moves you forward, on your terms, towards the changes you need to make and goals you want to achieve.

We'll look at routines, habits, content support, productivity, evaluation, pivoting, celebration and self-recognition.  Constantly generating deeper levels of self-empathy, awareness and confidence.



4. Momentum

Once the self-leadership process starts to create progress, we'll meet for our Momentum session. This is a collaborative discovery of the best ways for you to celebrate your wins, big and small; share them with your community, and evaluate what you're learning, how you're changing  and how to put that learning back into the start of the C.A.L.M process. 

Honestly, Momentum usually takes care of itself. And if I've done my job properly, it's after this session that you will stop needing me  to support you on our Calm journey.


What next?

I'd love to work with you. To start the journey, please click the box below. 

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Dedicated to people.

Coaching isn’t just something I do, it’s part of who I am.

I've been coaching my whole life, before I really even knew what it was. I'm trained and certified in CBT, coaching, hypnotherapy and Reiki.  Although the real value in my work comes from a natural curiosity, intuition and deep empathy for humanness. I'm a life-long student of people, personal development, and both the scientific and mystical of wellness.  

Much of this has been shaped and deepened by my own moments  of extreme life trauma and turbulence. You can read more about that here

I deeply love and cherish what I do, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in working with me.