There's nothing more frustrating than being held back by fear. Feeling imprisoned by anxiety. Or struggling with the discomfort of everyday life-turbulence. Foundational to solving all these challenges in your life, begins with Calm. Sound to obvious? You'd be amazed at how many people are running their lives on managed stress and chaos, completely unaware. I've experienced first hand how destructive stress and anxiety can be. It nearly took my life. However throughout that experience, I learned how to cultivate Calm and use it to rewire my inner-operating system. I am now committed to helping other do the same. 


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Coaching & Mentoring

I work with private individuals or employees, to help identify areas of their lives in which more Calm is needed, or on a specific anxiety or life-turbulence challenge they might be facing. The simple goal is to bring deep Calm to those areas in order to support the unfolding of their full potential. Whether that's health, performance, success or happiness in general.

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Calming Therapy

Over the course of the past decade I have dedicated much of my life to learning, trying, testing and developing a comprehensive range of different tools and techniques for cultivating and nurturing Calm. I practice, recommend or teach these techniques depending entirely on the needs of my individual clients. 


DLD Digital (under development)

Dont Look Down digital is a platform that will give you access to advice, tools, video and calming audio content 24/7. It will bring together professionals from a range of different industries (nutrition, interior design, meditation, travel, leadership etc..) sharing ideas and techniques to help support your commitment to Calm.