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About Me

About Me

Based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, I've spent most of my career helping businesses and brands understand and connect with people. In 2002, I started to shift my perspective to learning how 'I' can better understand and connect with people, to. On a more authentic and compassionate level.

It triggered a profound journey of self-discovery and deep learning into personal development, alternative healing, performance and leadership, and the principles of deep  wellness. In 2008 I completed courses in Reiki Mastership and Hypnotherapy,  and self-studied techniques such as NLP,  EFT and CBT. At the time, it was a fascination and passion versus a means to anything practical. 

In 2013 however, I was met with a highly unexpected period of life-turbulence, in the form bone cancer (read the story here). It turned my world, and the world of my young family upside down. But we made it through to the other side, and it was during the dark days of that experience that I came to understand the healing and transformative power of true, inner-calm. Despite all the study and work, I had never had Calm in my life. I never knew. 

Despite the challenging circumstances, I was given uninterrupted time, A LOT, of uninterrupted time to research, try, test and develop the Calm play book that literally saved my life. And I've never stopped learning and discovering.

Why is this important for you to know?

This is more than Coaching to me. My work and my intentions come from a deep, honest place to help people understand the benefits of Calm, and how to bring more of it to their lives as a means towards a happier, healthier, and more successful life. 

This isn't a spiritual pursuit or alternative healing mandate. It could be if that's what 'you' need.  Neither is it an anti-stress mission. Managed stress is vital to our success. It's about helping you identify and resolve areas of your life where Calm is absent, and bring Calm to those places so that you can channel and focus your time, energy and talent on living a better, healthier and more successful life.

I look forward to working with you.